Love the Weekend before Christmas

General Karla Harris 18 Dec

Off to the mall we go…. Visa in hand ! 

To do List: # 1 – January time to visit Karla Harris… Please consolidate my debt… ” again “

No judging here.. Lets just fix it.


Happy Holidays.

8 Days till Christmas

General Karla Harris 17 Dec

Off to shop today?  Maybe a Dominion Visa should be in your wallet !

Call me for details  250-741-4706

Chirstmas is only 9 days away… are you READY ?

General Karla Harris 16 Dec

The last thing anyone wants to think about is the January Credit Card Bill…

Maybe comparing 19.99% on a credit card and 2.89% on a 5 year Fix mortgage.. ( OAC)

Is sounding like a good idea..


Call me… love to talk about it.